Why a Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel: Track Website Activities

Add the Facebook pixel to your website to track ad conversions, improve audience targeting and maximize your return on advertising spend. See the actions people take after seeing your ads and create audiences to reach people similar to your best customers.
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Offline Events: Measure Real-World Results

Measure how your Facebook ads are driving real-world outcomes, like store purchases, bookings, sales leads and more. Upload offline data to Facebook to track ad conversions, create custom audiences and reach more people likely to purchase offline.
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App Events: Measure App Activity and Outcomes

Set up, measure and manage the actions people take in your app. Learn more about the people who use your app and see how your ads are driving conversions. Create custom audiences to reach people similar to your best customers.

Like to see how it all works in reality?
Let me record my screen for you. We will do a complete setup for you and your company. Connected to Google Analytics, your store/blog/Channel/portal/streaming-server/ we will help your in all stages.

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